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3X Pre-telescope(use for night vision)
  • Model:DT-NSCF3
  • Magnification: 1X
  • Resolution: 45-57
  • Photocathode type: S25
  • Dimensions:155x69x56mm

DT-NSCQ3  is a high-performance Pre-telescope made by Detyl. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, simple operation and convenient links. High imaging quality, high precision, fast target detection, light weight, high cost performance and other characteristics. With white light sights, it is designed to meet the technical and operational requirements of professional low-light-level front-end mirrors.


1. Small size, light weight, convenient and fast with white sight, easy to carry, improve the flexibility of equipment use.

2.The system has high resolution, fast response speed, high sensitivity to low illumination, faster and more accurate target detection.

3. High performance-price ratio, the performance of the product fully meets or even exceeds the needs of professional field of vision, and the price is really low.

4. Strong function, flexible use, can cooperate with White-eye pre-use, can also be used hand-held.