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5X Riflescope
  • Model:DT-NS8X5
  • Magnification: 5X
  • Resolution: 51-64
  • Detection distance(m): 2000m
  • Dimensions:287x92x90mm

DT-NS8X5 uses a high-performance super-second generation image intensifier, which greatly improves the viewing clarity and can distinguish adult size targets at a distance of 1-2KM. In night vision mode, night field sniping operations can be carried out as long as the conditions of 10-3 lux (with weak glow) illumination are satisfied. The target has the advantages of small size, light weight, convenient operation, reliable performance and high cost performance. In addition, the sighting has the function of automatic anti-strong light protection, which is very suitable for outdoor operations. The gun is equipped with an independent and controllable infrared light compensator, which can meet the different operational conditions of the army and the police.

Product characteristics:

1. The product design is exquisite, the ratio is big, the volume is small, the weight is light, the intensity is high.

2. Products strive for high-strength impact design; all forces are face-to-face contact, surface force, to ensure product durability.

3. The dividing and adjusting design adopts fast-adjusting and fast-locking design, which is flexible in operation and convenient in use.

4. Anti-exposure eye mask design, to ensure that the use of night environment does not expose their own targets.