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Optical Design
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Detyl Optoelectronics has super optical design ability. Its design team not only has strong design ability for coaxial optical systems such as traditional optical systems (eyeglasses, white light aiming, microscopes), but also has strong design ability for non-coaxial spectroscopic vision systems, relay, magnification conversion and professional micro-projection optical systems.

 In the field of night vision optical system design, Detyl Optoelectronics  optical design team is more familiar with the design of high-performance optical systems suitable for various night vision system applications. We have successively designed the objective system with different magnification which can be used in both digital and traditional low-light level, the high-definition eyepiece system with small target and large field of view, the sight system of sight, the ultra-short optical inversion eyesight system, the coaxial zoom lens, the dual-path spectroscopic fusion system and other very practical and advanced optical systems.

 In addition, Detyl Optoelectronics also designs machine vision objective systems for other companies, optical systems for special applications such as telecentric objective systems for measurement, fundus imaging systems, coaxial two-field-of-view systems, etc.

 Detyl Optoelectronics design of optical system, not only has high optical index, low design cost, redundant design, but also has a very unique ability in optical structure design. Its optical assembly structure is simple, structural strength is high, stray light extinction effect is good, ensuring the good rate of mass production and product consistency.

 Based on the design experience and ability of Titai Photoelectric Junction Electronic Software Design Team, not only ensures the excellent quality and cost advantages of Titai Photoelectric products, but also designs customized and personalized products that fully meet customer needs according to customer's wishes, laying a solid foundation for customer's market promotion.